Battle of Racławice 1794

This game depicts the most important battle of Kosciuszko Uprising. Polish victory spread patriotic enthusiasm on the whole Commonwealth. If Russian army had won the battle, the uprising would have suppressed at the beginning.
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Battle of Racławice 1794

Year of publication: 2020
Author: Adam Niechwiej

The game presents the most important battle of the Kościuszko Uprising. The victory of the Polish army sparked patriotic fervor in other regions of the Republic of Poland. Had the battle been won by the tsarist army, the uprising would have been nipped in the bud.

The game mechanics is based on randomly activating a formation. Thanks to this, none of the players is sure if the planned activities will be carried out. In addition, drawing lots affects the order in which the shots are carried out and may change the situation at the tactical level.

The scale of the game:

• one infantry token represents a company,
• one cavalry token represents a squadron,
• one artillery token represents 2 to 8 guns,
• one stage corresponds to 15 minutes, and one hex is 100 meters of terrain.

Players take on the role of commander-in-chief, but also have to solve tactical dilemmas, such as the moment of a cavalry charge or bypassing the enemy's flank, to gain an advantage in the bayonet attack.

This is the second edition of the game. Compared to the first, the board and the composition of the fighting armies have been slightly improved. The rules have been standardized with other games depicting the battles of the Kościuszko Uprising - "Szczekociny 1794" and "Maciejowice 1794" .

The rules are not complicated, so people who have not experienced board wargames before will be able to easily start their adventure with this hobby. Experienced players will also be pleased, because each side has a chance to win.

The contents of the box:

- board 48x68 cm;
- 216 die-cut tokens;
- instruction (12 pages);
- 10-sided cube.

A game for 2 people aged 12 and above
. Game time: 4 - 8 hours