Alexandria 1801 (No box)

A new unboxed copy
The End of Napoleon's Egyptian dream. Low/Med complex, 240 counters, 2 players, 2 hours. Can be used with SimTac's Peninsular War series rules for a more
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An new unboxed copy

Alexandria, 1801 is the first part of SimTac´s series "Battles of the Revolution & the Empire" on tactical (battalion, squadron, battery) level and medium/low complexity. You get two Battles in this box : the Battle of Mandara fought on March 13th and the Battle of Canope was fought on March 21st 1801 between the French L´Armée d´Orient and the British Invasion Army under Sir Ralph Abercromby. The basic rules for this game/series are much easier and faster to learn and more simple as SimTac´s other series: "Battles of the Peninsular War" but you can play this game also with the more detailed rules of the Battles of the Peninsular War when you own Los Arapiles or Saguntum. The game contains:

- one 24" x 20" mounted(!)map
- 216 die- cut counter
- 1 basic- and 1 special rulebook
- two orders of battle, player-aid card, morale level charts