'85 Graveyard of Empires

The second game in the Squad Battles series.
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Available for Pre-Order. ETA LATE 2023


’85 Graveyard of Empires is the second game in the Squad Battles series. Building on the mechanics introduced in ’65 Squad Battles in the Jungles of Vietnam, Graveyard of Empires (GOE) features squad-level battles between the Afghan Mujahideen and Soviet Red Army in a card-driven, hex and counter game.

GOE introduces card-activated events, immersive helicopter rules, more tactical decisions, new powers and abilities, and of course beautiful counter and game board art. The counters are 1” or larger (for the vehicles) and the game board hexes are huge. Included are counters for Mujahideen RPG and RPD teams, rifle squads and heroes, as well as captured T-55 and BMP armored fighting vehicles. The Soviets respond with Spetsnaz, line rifle squads, heroes, Hind-24 attack helicopters and several types of AFVs, such T-55, T-62 tanks, BNPs, BTRs, and more.


Each copy of Graveyard of Empires includes:

  • 5 richly illustrated, 11” x 17” geomorphic game boards.
  • 4 lavish sheets of thick 1” and 1.375” counters.
  • 1 deck of 54 action cards, 4 Event Cards, 5 Bonus Victory Condition Cards.
  • Full color rules and scenario booklet.
  • Player Aid Cards,
  • Terrain Effect Charts.
  • A die.
  • A box to keep it safe and warm.