In 1833NE, 3-5 tycoons compete to earn money and build the best stock portfolio by investing in and operating railroads within New England and Montreal, Canada.
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In 1833NE, 3-5 tycoons compete to earn money and build the best stock portfolio by investing in and operating railroads within New England and Montreal, Canada.

Historically, the Western division of the the Boston & Worcester RR was chartered in 1833 to drive west. Boston's leaders recognized that New York City, with its easy access to the rapidly growing American midwest via the Erie canal, was a threat to their continued prosperity. To the north, Montreal interests sought freight access to a warm weather port, either Portland (Maine) or Boston, to ship their goods when the St. Laurence river froze each winter.

Can you build the most profitable rail network in New England, a small region buffeted by outside forces?


Game Play


Players begin by auctioning private companies and launching corporations. Stock rounds alternate with pairs of operating rounds. Each railroad—with its majority stock holder (President) making its decisions—lays track and stations, runs routes, declares dividends, and possibly buys bigger and better trains.



As new train types appear, older trains go obsolete, representing technological progress. A corporation without a train must buy one—with its President having to make up the difference out of pocket if the corporation doesn't have enough cash. The player with the best stock portfolio and most cash on hand—not including any money in railroad treasuries—wins!


Sample Tokens


Sample Stock Market Track


1833NE is an '18xx' game that moves the 1846 rules to New England to portray regional railroading with a vengeance. Players must contend with a rapidly changing landscape as Boston interests first try to link to the Erie canal; then out-flank it entirely via Ogdensburg or Montreal combined with Great Lakes shipping; and finally surrender and deliver New England freight to New York City.


New features include passenger ferries (the 'business class' travel of the age), freight interconnections, and "dot" cities that portray both rural New England towns and Boston's subsidies for commuter traffic. For players familiar with 1846, a quick start summary of rules differences will be provided.


But, wait! There's more! 1833NE is two games in one: a Standard game, plus a Takeover game, which adds 5 more railroads and takeover rules.


The takeover rules portray the two different ways that railroads grew in New England: not by mergers, but by financial takeovers (J.P. Morgan's approach to create the New York, New Haven, & Hartford) or by acquiring near-bankrupt railroads for a pittance (the Boston & Maine's approach).


Takeovers provide valuable flexibility and extra station markers. Railroads who do not pull off at least one successful takeover will find themselves limited to just one train in the later portion of the game, limiting their options.


Although 1833NE shares most of 1846's rules, its play is not '1846 in New England.' The dramatically changing off-board and interconnection bonuses give it a distinct feel. Aimed at intermediate to advanced 18xx players, 1833NE uses a Private auction and has fewer Private companies and more railroads (9 in the Standard game; 14 in the Takeover game) than 1846.


1833NE has been in development for many years (under its working title '1834', which is no longer available). GMT is proud to publish it for the first time. The components will be similar to those in GMT's 1846.


As a bonus, 1833NE will contain an 1846 mini-expansion: 2 new Private Companies to add more variety. These will be included in the 1846 2nd Edition reprint and made available separately for 1846 1st edition buyers who don't purchase 1833NE. Enjoy!



  • 1 Mounted Map
  • 7 tile sheets
  • 14 corporate mats
  • 126 stock certificates
  • 7 private company certificates
  • over 60 train cards
  • 1 Priority Deal Card
  • Player aid cards
  • 1 pack of play money
  • Rule Book


    Game Designer: Tom Lehmann