Battle of Brandywine BOXED

"Battle of Brandywine" is a one to two player war game set during the American Revolution in 1777. The Continental Army is under attack at Brandywine Creek in Pennsylvania. The British Army has their sights on the critical fort. Will the upstart Revolutionaries stand their ground, or will the Royal Crown prevail?
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The "Battle of Brandywine" is a fast-playing, introductory level war game that recreates a  a series of engagements between American and British troops during the American Revolution.

Brandywine is designed to be played in about an hour, while not losing the feel or flavor of the events simulated.   The bonus scenarios play in about thirty minutes each.  While the rules provide everything you need to enjoy the main battle included in the game, the bonus scenarios will have special rules to modify the series rules, to enhance the experience of the individual engagements.


The second edition of Brandywine includes a revised rulebook, a terrain chart, setup maps for each battle and new bonus maps (Germantown, Valley Forge and Paoli)



AGE: 14+

TIME TO PLAY: 30-60 minutes



One Rulebook with all Scenario Setups

Scenario setup maps for all battles

1 Brandywine Map (11x17 inch)

3 Bonus Maps (8.5 x 11 inch)

Half Sheet of Game Counters

Two six sided dice